36 2 Ruote 2 Regge - Percorso Lavoro dell'uomo

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This route is one of the excursions offered within the parent path 2 Ruote 2 Regge.

Ride for fun, always. And also observe what surrounds us and find out how the man acted in the territory, as he struggled, built, transformed and produced what we have now.

The path 'the work of man' starts from Racconigi, where it is still possible to get closer to some buildings that were home to important silk factories. Racconigi was in fact – since '400 and for the next four centuries – a major silk production center with 33 spinning mills and about 4000 employees.

From Racconigi you can pedal toward Caramagna, and here, shortly after crossing the railroad, it will be impossible not to notice 'The Great Warehouses', a huge concrete construction that is used to store grain and flour.

In Carmagnola, where you come across the forest of Merlino and encountering some typical Piedmontese farms, you will approach another yarn of natural origin: the hemp . Visiting the Museum you will discover that the agricultural development in the city of Carmagnola has been based on decades of hemp farming.

And then the path will lead you towards Carignano and Piobesi. You will cross the River, first to enter in Carignano, and then also on the way back pedaling from Piobesi towards Carmagnola. Water and the dense network of mini canals and mills have represented and still represent today an indispensable resource for human activity and cultivation in this area. By taking a short break from the route you will see the hydraulic divider that regulates the flow of the Oitana stream.

Returning to Carmagnola will be an interesting ride in the protected area of 'Po Morto' situated at the edge of the Lake of San Michele. Here you can stop to observe how the quarries have transformed the natural landscape.



What you see and where you can stop if you choose this route