34 2 Ruote 2 Regge - Route of Flavors

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This route is one of the excursions offered within the parent path 2 Ruote 2 Regge.

Can a cycling route lead you to mouth watering destinations? With '2 Ruote 2 Regge', yes you can! The bike ride that we suggest starts from the Centre of Racconigi and crosses the Merlin Wood Village Oia Racconigi. In Carmagnola the path will allow you to pass in front of the farm 'Luca Chicco' that produces cheese from buffalo milk.

Park your bike, take a walk in the farm house, visit the store and if you stop to chat with the owner of the farmhouse: there are so many interesting facts related to this activity. If you pedal in Carmagnola between August and September make room in the bike basket to fill it with the famous (and delicious) Carmagnola peppers. We leave the town and heads East, towards Poirino to pass in front of the Abbey of Casanova. From here it will be a moment to get to Villastellone. Before arriving in the center of Villastellone you will meet the farm Fontanacervo which produces cheese and yogurt from the milk of cows. It's time to stop and in the center of Villastellone, there is what you need. A square and a short walk from piazza la Gelateria. We suggest that you try this ice cream, and while you taste you will be able to listen to the story of Claudia, his family and the Cascina Roseleto. Their choice - courageous - was to go back to producing milk as they did once. No artificial food for cows, only grass and hay. It costs more, the milk produced by each cow is about half... so do you feel the taste in this ice cream?

Back in the saddle, we head towards Cornalese Village across Carignano.

In Carignano, in early October there is a festival of the Helianthus tuberosus... of the Topinambur or Ciapinabò (Jerusalem artichoke) in Piedmont, a key ingredient in the assortment of vegetables accompanying the "Bagna caôda". 

From Carignano pedaling toward Piobesi, in the center of the village, it offers a beautiful Park with horse-chestnut trees. In this park there is the seat of the Italian Food Style Education, the International School of Cuisine. Who knows if this school also teaches how to prepare typical Piobesi cakes. It is called Cariton and looks like a flat focaccia; prepared with sugar coated bread dough and is filled with grape and strawberry grapes, and is made in autumn. Probably the sweet was linked to 'bread of charity', that the Church and the Greeks were giving to the poor during holidays or celebrations. At the end of September is the Piobesi bread Festival. You can ride to the village of Cavalloni and up to the rooftops where you will find an ancient village bakery whose oven is switched on during this holiday. Tasting a good piece of bread baked in the wooden oven will be the best way to conclude the route of flavours in 2 Ruote 2 Regge.


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    10022 Carmagnola, Metropolitan City of Turin, Italy
    Carignano, Villastellone, Piobesi Torinese, Caramagna Piemonte, Carmagnola, Racconigi

  • 35 Km

  • 2 h
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