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“Corona di Delizie” (Crown of Delights) by bike, the cycling tour of the Savoy Royal Residences, is thought to link these important architectural monuments, recognized in 1997 as UNESCO World Heritage site, with a route that follows newly built or existing cycle paths, trails, greenways and country roads. 
The principal route is more than 90 km long, joined by secondary “historical variants”, which allows you to make a safe and pleasant journey, passing through the most beautiful rural and river landscapes, natural heritages, agricultural and historic areas around Turin. Thanks to the high level of safety and low noise, it can be enjoyed by amateur cyclists and families alike.  

It is part of the strategic project Corona Verde, created by Regione Piemonte, which concerns the metropolitan and hill area of Turin together with other 93 Piedmontese districts, and aims to realize a green infrastructure, thus to retrain the metropolitan area closed to Turin and improve its citizens' quality of life.


APP Corona di Delizie

The mobile APP proposed today is a pilot project - but tomorrow it aims to cover the entire ring of the Crown of Delights – which touches three World Heritage Sites - Castello di Rivoli, Reggia di Venaria and Borgo Castello (the latter making an enjoyable digression within La Mandria Park),  passing through the communities of the West Area of Turin - Rivoli, Alpignano, Pianezza, Druento, Collegno, Grugliasco, Venaria, which have been working together for several years on sustainable mobility and local development. Designed by Patto Territoriale Zona Ovest di Torino, it was founded by Regione Piemonte - Settore Offerta Turistica in the Interregional Project "Cycling and other routes through culture and faith landscapes - Umbria, Friuli-Venezia-Giulia, Liguria, Lombardia, Marche, Piemonte". Technical data have been collected by IPLA, the Institute for Wood Plants and the Environment, which has geo-referenced the information with the intent to define a standard for the data used for the entire network of cycling routes in the region. The rich database of cultural and touristic information, services for cyclists, hospitality and local products has been edited by Patto Territoriale.
The APP guides you along the track, making available all the information about cultural and natural heritage to visit, hospitality, food and local products and services for cyclists. You can also share information on social networks and report any anomalies in the path to the operators. Because it is a trial, we need your help to increase available data and to improve problems or incorrect information.


As a whole the project Corona di Delizie is due to the cooperation of several partners: Regione Piemonte - Directorate of Culture, Tourism and Sport, and the Environment Department - under the Strategic Project Corona Verde , Provincia di Torino, Turismo Torino e Provincia, Patto Territoriale Zona Ovest, Parco del Po e della Collina Torinese, Parco La Mandria, Città di Torino and all the municipalities that have signed the Protocol of Agreement, and the Association Bici & Dintorni (FIAB Torino), who outlined the first itinerary already in 1999. 
Project Management:

Zona Ovest di Torino srl
Piazza Cavalieri della Annunziata, 7
10093 Collegno
Phone: 011 4050606/ 0114157961

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    Zona Ovest di Torino
    Collegno, famiglie, Corona Di Delizie, Rivoli, torino

  • 90 Km

  • 6 h
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